Compass - Class of 2018


We look forward to seeing you at the Compass Pathways this year and to see your leadership skills in action. Remember, we expect you to call the office at least once a month to let us know how things are going in your life, but you can contact us anytime if you need anything or if you want to share some great news - we want to hear how you're changing your community!

Aside from Pathways, Compasses have an opportunity to serve as members of the A.C.T. Now! Summit Planning Team. This team is responsible for school selection, budgeting, program planning, and more.

The 2016-2017 Pathways have been set:

College 101 Parent Meeting - DFW (October 16)

College 101 Parent Meeting - AUS (October 23)

Social Justice (November 12)

A.C.T. Now! Summit Planning Team Retreat* (January 13-16)

Resumés - DFW (March 25)

Resumés - AUS (March 26)

Leadership Summit (April 7-9)

A.C.T. Now! Summit Kickoff (April 28-30)

Don't jeopardize your C5 future by missing a Pathway - place these dates on your calendars NOW!! A one page pathway calendar was sent to your C5 email in late August; the C5 Academic Planner was sent to your home address in mid-September. All the details for the Pathways (including registration) will be sent via your C5 email a few weeks before the Pathway itself.

Remember to check your C5 email regularly! If you're unable to access your e-mail, contact Fulori for help. (512.832.2516 or

You can find a copy of the one page pathway calendar, PPAR, volunteer log, and more here.