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Lantern Class Steps up to Lead at Camp
Jul 8, 2012

On July 8th the Lantern Class (participants beginning  their second year) headed out to the Parrie Haynes Youth Ranch, home of the C5 Leadership U and U2 programs.  Lanterns will spend the first week preparing to lead camp programs for the newest class of C5 Texans (our new class of Flints), who will arrive at camp on July 15th.  It’s not all work for our Lanterns though, they will swim, play ball, take a field trip to Fort Hood to learn about careers and get settled in to camp life.  Late in the session Lanterns will trek to Colorado Bend State Park where they will get a chance to try out their canoeing, caving and backpacking skills.  Both Flints and Lanterns will be in camp through August 4th.