The 2016-2017 Pathways have been set!

Don't jeopardize your C5 future by missing a Pathway - place these dates on your calendars NOW!! A one page pathway calendar was sent to your C5 email in late August; the C5 Academic Planner was sent to your home address in mid-September. All the details for the Pathways (including registration) will be sent via your C5 email a few weeks before the Pathway itself.

You can find a copy of the one page pathway calendar, PPAR, volunteer log, and more here.


Flint Pathways:

College Exploration Day (September 24)

Seasons of Giving (December 3)

Career Exploration Day - AUS (January 21)

Flint/Hammer Project - DFW (February 4)

Flint/Hammer Project - AUS (February 18)

Career Exploration Day - DFW (February 25)

Flint Retreat (March 17-19)

Leadership Summit (April 7-9)

Lantern Pathways:

Lantern Service Project (November 19)

Bridges Parent Meeting - DFW (November 30)

Bridges Parent Meeting - AUS (December 1)

Lantern Backpacking Retreat (January 13 - 16)

College Scavenger Hunt (March 11)

Leadership Summit (April 7-9)

Hammer Pathways:

Crossing the Bridge (September 10)

Community Treasure Hunt - DFW (October 15)

Community Treasure Hunt - AUS (October 22)

Road to College Planning Team Retreat* (January 13-16)

Flint/Hammer Project - DFW (February 4)

Flint/Hammer Project - AUS (February 18)

Road-to-College Kickoff (March 3-5)

Leadership Summit (April 7-9)

Compass Pathways:

College 101 Parent Meeting - DFW (October 16)

College 101 Parent Meeting - AUS (October 23)

Social Justice (November 12)

A.C.T. Now! Summit Planning Team Retreat* (January 13-16)

Resumés - DFW (March 25)

Resumés - AUS (March 26)

Leadership Summit (April 7-9)

A.C.T. Now! Summit Kickoff (April 28-30)

Medallion Pathways:

Medallion 1x1s begin - AUS (September 12)

Medallion 1x1s begin - DFW (September 19)

Medallion Project Workday - DFW (October 8)

Medallion Project Workday - AUS (October 9)

College Application Day - DFW (November 5)

College Application Day - AUS (November 6)

Serving in College (January 28)

Medallion Interviews (February 11)

Medallion Retreat (March 17-19)

Leadership Summit (April 7-9)

Graduation (April 8)