C5 Texans


Welcome to the 2017-18 C5 program year!

We had a great time this summer and we're ready to continue to learn more about ourselves, each other, and our communities this school year.

Stay up to date by checking your email and stay in touch by following us on social media (hint: We're C5Texas). We're excited to learn how you're leading in your communities!

C5 Texans are Character Driven, Community Focused, Challenge Ready, College Bound, and Committed to a Better Future!

C5 Texans are leaders at home by helping families without being asked; at school by participating in class, studying and making good grades, and leading others in extracurricular activities; and in our communities by volunteering with organizations to make our neighborhoods stronger.

C5 Texans model the Cornerstone Code every day by representing ourselves and our communities well, holding ourselves to a higher standard, showing respect to everyone in our communities, and by building the future we wish to see.

C5 Texans know that summer was just the beginning, and that the school year is the perfect opportunity to put leadership skills into action.

C5 Texans attend all pathways, turn in paperwork as needed, report grades and volunteer hours each January and June, and take advantage of leadership opportunities, including serving on committees, speaking at events, and sharing our C5 stories.