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Invest in Young Leaders in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Killeen and the surrounding communities and change the odds for under-resourced communities. 

Your donation to the C5 Youth Foundation of Texas is a focused investment that provides great returns…

  • We select high-potential youth from risk-filled environments
  • We change their life trajectory by supporting them for five years
  • We develop community leaders who are committed to improving the lives of others
  • We rely on an experienced, highly regarded professional staff
  • We hold ourselves accountable for results through assessment, evaluation and adjustment.


Let's Make a Difference

It takes approximately $3,500 dollars per year, per participant to send a teen through the C5 Texas program. That's over $17,000 per student for the five-year leadership program. We need you to take the lead so these young people can be the leaders they were born to be.

Any amount is welcome, whether you’re an individual or a corporation

·     Champion - $50,000
Innovator - $25,000
Leader - $15,000
Ambassador - $10,000
Benefactor - $5,000
Advocate - $3,000
Partner - $1,000
·      Friend - $1 - $999 


To donate by check:

Make checks payable to: C5 Youth Foundation of Texas, and mail to:

   C5 Youth Foundation of Texas
   P.O. Box 191129
   Dallas, Texas 75219

Or Contact Rachel at by email or by phone at 817.919.3258 for more information.