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 The C5 Texas Program

The C5 program includes carefully sequenced, age appropriate learning experiences that provide a seamless flow of learning and growth across a five year program. Participants must begin the program in year 1 and progress through year 5. Each year includes curriculum in four key areas

  • Leadership Development
  • Social Awareness, 
  • College and Career Preparation and
  • Community Activism.

Each program year begins with a summer signature experience that sets the goals and teaches the skills youth will need to be successful during the next year.  Throughout the school year, participants engage in Pathway activities as part of their class and individually the allow them to apply and extend their skills.

C5 Summer Signature Programs

Each summer C5 Texans engage in an intensive summer learning  experience designed to provide them an opportunity to learn and practice skills in all five of the curriculum areas and to set them up for the next year of Pathway Learning in their community.  The five Summer Signature experiences include:

Camp Leadership U – 3 weeks at the Parrie Haynes Youth Ranch near Killeen, designed to introduce C5 Texans to leadership concepts, the C5 program and to establish the relationships and culture that will support their success for the next five years.

Camp Leadership U2 – 4 weeks at the Parrie Haynes Youth Ranch near Killeen. Second year participants take on leadership roles working with the first year class while accepting a series of leadership challenges that focus and extend their skills.

C5 Bridges /Rexam Leadership Challenge – three weeks of training that include leadership for preparing and executing a 14 day experience in Utah and Wyoming including: college visits, exploring legacy at Yellowstone  National Park and exploring personal mission while on a 7 day back packing trip in the Big Horn Mountains.

Road to College – Students plan and execute a 10 day tour of college in Texas and the surrounding states and explore college life and the admissions and scholarship application processes.

ACT Now Summit – Student led week- long conference on a significant community issue focused on identifying solutions and advocating for change. This serves as the kick off for students individual Medallion Community Action Projects, a centerpiece of their final year.


Pathways - Applying New Skills in the Real World

During the school year participants learn new skills and integrate the skills they have learned over the summer into their life at home and in their community through the C5 Pathways program, the year round community based program that supports and guides participants during the school year. C5 Pathways includes: group learning events, group project planning and individual responsibilities and coaching.

Group Learning Events - Each class participates in 3-5 class specific learning events during the school year. These events are designed to help participants apply their leadership, community service and college and career skills in the context of their daily life.  Events range from day long to weekend retreats.

Group Practicums – Participants engage in group projects and planning committees throughout the school year. Examples include planning committees for the summer experiences, Newsletters/website, Leadership Summit and Community Service projects.

Individual Responsibilities – C5 Texans are responsible for maintain a B average in their classes, completing 40-70 hours of community service each year, and completing  and carrying out their leadership action, high school action and Community Action plans. C5 staff work as coaches with individual students on a monthly basis to help them complete these individual responsibilities.

Want to know more?  Download a copy of the C5 Program Model