Stay In Touch

We love hearing from our young leaders! (Trust us - we don’t stay with C5 for the paperwork…)

Give us a call, shoot us an email, send us an owl - we want to know how you're applying your leadership skills! We look forward to hearing from you once a month to discuss your academic, leadership, and community plans. You can e-mail to set up a time or call during regular office hours. Of course, you can call anytime to let us know if you need help or are having a problem with your classes, need help setting up your service, or want to brag on the great leadership roles you are taking on.

Being successful as a C5 Texan requires active engagement throughout the year. We look forward to seeing you and learning together at each of the C5 events. Please be sure that these are on your calendar and you plan to participate in EVERY event. If you run up against a problem getting to an event call us immediately so we can work together to look for a solution.

PLEASE REMEMBER: We do not have Caller ID in our office. If you leave a message, be sure to leave your name and phone number so that we can return your call as quickly as possible!

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